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Absolute Sweet Cindy
Soft cloth doll
Free pattern and instructions!
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Sweet Cindy putting on a cute livery for maid.
Sweet Cindy's optional dress set have finally been completed. This dress set was designed and sewn by Mars. The set consist of blouse dress and apron. Pattern and instructions will be forthcoming shortly. For more information click here.

She is a little plumper than original Cindy.

Rich and substantial feeling.

Improved body and head shape.

Smoother joint form.

Plain and sweet face.

Softly plumped abdomen.

The natural curve from a throat to an abdomen.
The photograph doesn't install all hairs.

Improved hip joint.
After I announced Little Cindy's pattern, I got a lot of advice to make her better from many visitors who sew Cindy. Thank you really. A part of advice is here.
Since these advices are based on realistic demands, I thought they are all important. Then, I made an effort to improve Little Cindy reflecting those advices as much as possible, and I designed Absolute Sweet Cindy in the scullery.

Sweet Cindy is improved based on an original Cindy, and has the following features.
  1. Unmatched soft and gentle feeling.
  2. Light-weight body that do not become children and sick person's burden.
  3. Plain and sweet face.
  4. Rich and substantial feeling with plumper body.
  5. Hand-washable structure and materials.
  6. To decrease stimulation to the skin, all outer materials (even for her hair) are cotton.
  7. Smooth and natural line of body, hands and feet makes your handmade dress and her look better.
  8. Pattern and instructions are free. You can even sell the dolls made by these pattern and instructions.
  9. Of course, you can enjoy sewing hand made dress for her and changing clothes.
Size and material

Size Height 37"
Material Body Cottonsheting and cotton jersey cloth filled with polyester fiberfill.
Of cause, cotton fiber-fill can be used.
Head Cottonsheting and cotton jersey cloth filled with polyester fiberfill.
Of cause, cotton fiber-fill can be used.
Hair Cotton summer yarn.
Dress Cottonsheting cloth and cotton race.


You can sew Sweet Cindy following procedure.
  1. Prepare material, tool, and pattern
    Prepare materials, tools and pattern pieces.
  2. Sew arm and leg
    Sew arm and leg and fill with fiber. Then cover the arms with cotton jersey cloth.
  3. Body
    Sew her body nad rill with fiber. Then attach her legs on the body.
  4. Head(1)
    Sew her head and neck and fill with fiber. then cover the head with cotton jersey cloth.
  5. Head(2)
    Attach eyes and ears, and embroider the mouth.
  6. Hair
    Make a wig using hand nnitting cotton yarn.
  7. Assembly(1)
    Sew body and neck together. And cover the body with the jersey cloth.
  8. Assembly(2)
    Atthac the head and arms on the body.
  9. Dress
    Sew her dress and dress to her.
Advice and improvement point

Sweet Cindy is improved based on advice as follows. But I can not respond some advice.
  1. Give more volume to the body, legs, and the arms.
    An enough volume feeling was gven to enlarge the size of the body and arms and feet by 20%.
  2. Do not make me to be stimulated with her hair.
    Cotton yarn is used for her head to avoid stimulation to the skin.
  3. Want to wash her.
    To examine her materials closely. The original Cindy can be a hand washable doll.
    This time the material of Sweet Cindy was selected to make her washable. 
  4. Want to dress clothes on the market to her.
    Enlarging her height by two inches, and plumping her body 20 percent, she can dress some child clothes for about 36" height or lower children on the market.
  5. Want to make the profile line of her abdomen and joints more natural.
    To cover the body arm and legs with cotton jersey cloth, Sweet Cindy's joints and body became more natural  and smooth.
  6. Want to enjoy changing her hairstyle.
    It is one of an eternal problems for the doll. I dealt with this problem by adding the improvement to a classic technique.
    Sweet Cindy's hair style can change to down hair, ponytail, side ponytail, pigtail, two pigtails, etc...
  7. Want to sew Cindy more easily.
    Sorry. Since Sweet Cindy's body is covered by jersey cloth, Sewing Sweet Cindy needs efforts more than sewing original Cindy.But without cover the body, it is possible to make Sweet Cindy at almost the same time as Original Cindy.
Visitor's Sweet Cindy

Please enjoy the photographs and comments of fully worked-out dolls which are made by visitors of this site.

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Your Cindy's pictures are welcomed. Of course, Pictures of the doll using some Cindy's method are also welcomed. For detail, see bottom of the visitor's Cindy page.

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