Abstemious little Cindy in the scullery
Free Pattern and detailed Instructions!
for a soft cloth doll

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Cindy in the scullery
A doll-stand was used for this photography.
The stepdaughter was set to do all the drudgery of the house, to attend the kitchen fire, and had naught to sleep on but the heap of cinder raked out in the scullery; and that is why they called her Cinder Maid. Stepmother would give her daughters beautiful dresses but none to her stepdaughter who had only to wear the castoff clothes of the other two.

Information : Now available

Pattern and Instructions for improved New soft cloth doll "Absolute Sweet Cindy in the scullery" are now available.

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(Manually translated pages are being prepared now.)


Cindy in her room. Wnen her mother was alive.
She looks quite stale. But she has great features.
  1. Unmatched soft and gentle feeling.
  2. Can make various and natural pose by (cloth made!) eight semi-spherical joints.
  3. Keeps her figure against play of children.
These can be understood only by making and holding her. If you do so. You will immediately feel something gentle.


A natural figure
Size Height 32"
Materials Body Cotton sheeting cloth filled with fiber
Head Cotton sheeting and jersey cloth filled with fiber
Molded plastic
(Choose your favorite one)
Hair Doll wig
Implanted Saran doll hair
Dress Cotton sheeting cloth and cotton lace


Soft and gentle feeling

Bendable joints

Can even sit with her legs folded under.
For a long time, It had been my subject to make a doll which has softness, the stability of shape and high pose ability. I studied the method of maintaining shape by balance of the pressure of stuffing materials, obtaining 3 dimensional curved surface, constituting the spherical joint from fabric. And working them easy. As a result of repeating trial and error, I succeeded in making her.

Free pattern and instructions

Cindy's pattern and instrinctions are free. About the licence of Cindy's pattren and instruction.

Easy to understand

Precise pattern
explaind in detail
Intelligible instructions
useing over 250 photographs
The precise pattern explained in detail and Intelligible instructions using over 250 photographs makes you easy to sew her. Almost all explanation text is accompanied by the photograph.

Pattern and Instructions

Click links below for free pattern and instructions. In order to show the detailed way of making, these pages are rather large. Some case, it takes time in loading. Please wait for a while after click.

1.Basic pattern and instructions

(Body, Arms and legs with rounded tip, Plastic head, Dress)

2.Optional pattern and instructions

(Cloth head, Arms and legs with thumbs and feet)

3.Additional instructions

(Implanted hair for reference)

Visitor's Cindy

Please enjoy the photographs and comments of fully worked-out dolls which are made by visitors of this site.

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Your Cindy's pictures are welcomed. Of course, Pictures of the doll using some Cindy's method are also welcomed. For detail, see bottom of the visitor's Cindy page.


I am thankful to Runo Her page taught me how to make cloth dolls and English web pages.
I am thankful to Toshiko. She taught me in detail how to make ears and the head of her great doll which deeply loved by her daughter.
I am thankful to Aruhi. She extended the potential of Cindy creating various great dolls by her exceptional ability.
I am thankful to Maihime. She proposed a lot of refinement to improve Cindy by her profound knowledge of dolls.


Memories of her childhood

Her happy days
Now when the night came for the royal ball Cinder Maid had to help the two sisters to dress in their fine dresses and saw them drive off in the carriage with her father and their mother. But she went to her own mother's grave and sat beneath the hazel tree and wept and cried.

Sewing a great dress. Make her attend the royal ball !

if you want a doll having ultimate peaceful feeling. And if you have electric hobby skill. You can make amazing Cindy with electric warming body.

4.Extra instructions (electric hobby)

(Warming Cindy system)

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