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How to make a temperature controller.
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  To our regret, because 'Warm Cindi doll' that operates with the dry battery makes making easily top priority, it can be felt that it is warm only in the middle place of taking time by getting warm, and the futon insulated from heat. However, I come to be able to feel warmth if it not only becomes warm at a few minutes if 'Controller Cindi' introduces here is connected with 'Warm Cindi doll' but even also it holds usually. Moreover, the warmth can be freely set.

  To connect controller Cindi, warm Cindi need not be remodeled. This controller Cindi is only connected instead of in the case of the power supply of warm Cindi.

  Controller Cindi measures Cindi's warmth, and to obtain the temperature of hope, adjusts the current. The method of measuring the temperature by not building parts for the temperature survey into Cindi so that holding feelings are not sacrificed, and using the heater as a thermometer is adopted for this measurement of warmth. Moreover, the method of alternately switching the measurement period to the generation of heat period is adopted to maintain pleasant warmth with stability, and to measure the temperature by high accuracy, it devises it.

  Controller Cindi is not using the microprocessor though it is complex and controls high accuracy like this. Therefore, there is not using the microcomputer development tool that it is expensive and handling is difficult, and it is possible to complete it only by soldering electronic parts in only about 40 points. And, 'Controller Cindi' demonstrates the performance without the controller and inferiority that uses the microprocessor with the devised circuit.


Controller Cindi's mechanism

  It ..not the battery controller Cindi but light line.. operates as a power supply. After the light line is converted into a safe, low voltage, it connects it with the controller with a power supply adaptor to evade danger according to the wiring for the light line. The controller measures the temperature of Cindi, and throws the current corresponding to it to Cindi.

Controller Cindi's way of making

  Controller Cindi makes it by the method of the good looking like usual electronic construction such as making the radio.
  1. The hole opening printed wiring board is cut in a necessary size.
  2. It ..some hole.. dawns the printed wiring board.
  3. It ..hole.. dawns the case.
  4. The jumper (electric wire) is installed in the printed wiring board.
  5. Parts are inserted in the printed wiring board and the lead line is bent.
  6. Inserted parts are soldered.
  7. Some respects of the printed wiring board tie with the electric wire.
  8. The electric wire that connects the power supply and Cindi to the printed wiring board is installed.
  9. It connects and operation is confirmed.
  10. The printed wiring board is installed in the case.

  1. Warn important: It flows on this page and the current flows to the inside of the body of the doll of the description. Therefore, there is a possibility that the electric shock, the burn, and the ignition, etc. are generated, and, as a result, fatal results of the burn, the cardiac paralysis, and a fire, etc. are brought about. Please use all information on this page by your self-responsibility. Neither Doc nor the parties concerned assume all the responsibilities of the situation developed in relation to the content and this on this page and the result influence and irrespective of the situation. Especially, the maximum calorific value is greatly set so that controller Cindi who is introducing it on this page may obtain an excellent temperature characteristic. Therefore, there is a possibility of bringing about a more fatal result when abnormality occurs compared with warm Cindi who operates with the battery.
  2. Please read the written explanation well in here and the circuit chart before it starts.
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Circuit chart

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Circuit chart

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